La Fábrica de Porcelana

Porcelain for daily life

La Fábrica de Porcelana is a small family business based in Navarra, dedicated to the designing, manufacturing and decoration of any porcelain product. We are a company which aims to improve its products which are manufactured with dedication and good work.

We have been in the business for more than 25 years now. We love our work and above all we are quite passionate about the goods which we produce daily.

We prefer being a small company, we feel that we are still craftsmen because we work with our hands and we value each product that carries the company’s identity in an inherent way.

la fabrica de porcelana
la fabrica de porcelana

We work with hands

Hand-made in Spain

“Working with our hands” is Fábrica de Porcelana’s axiom and daily routine, from the creation of the model to the decoration of the final piece, we carefully handle each product with our experienced hands.

Each piece is fitted carefully and enamelled with the care it deserves. We study the product and try to leave our mark in each of the pieces that come out of our ovens. Being artisans, we are fulfilled with our work and our purpose is to ensure that porcelain becomes the product that it was long ago.


¿What we do?

In Fábrica de Porcelana we are very responsible in our work with our numerous clients. They propose ideas to us and we turn them into a reality. We meet each of their needs which may arise and we improve on the prototypes that they create. We have workshops where we work according to the needs of our customers, whether in the domain of manufacturing, designing, decoration or crosschecking of each of the products that leave our facilities.

We also create our own silverware collections, plate decorations and exclusive pieces for decor, lighting, hostelry… etc. We work hand in glove with renowned designers and artists to create our own projects and we make sure to do the things which we are passionate about to keep the flame of creation glowing. This is of utmost importance to us.

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